CH37 Petit Fours


1. Caramelised fruits

2. Caramelised oranges

3. Fondant dipped


4. Coconut pyramids

5. Dates stuffed

6. Fondant creams

7. Peppermint creams

8. Fudge

9. Nougat Montelimar

10. Rum truffles

11. Cornets

12. English route

13. Japonaise

14. Macaroons Dutch

15. Macaroon and walnut balloons

16. Marquise biscuits

17. Parisienne

The Art of Petit Fours




White grapes                                                200 g

Black grapes                                                 200 g

Sugar                                                              200 g

Glucose                                                           35 g

Lemon                                                              1

Water                                                            75 ml


1. Heat the sugar, glucose, water and 6 drops of lemon juice to 155°C.

2. Oil a marble slab.

3. Divide the grapes into pairs leaving them joined by a length of stalk.

4. Holding the stalks with a pair of tweezers, immerse the grapes in the caramel then drain off any surplus before placing them on the oiled slab to set.

5. Serve in paper petit fours cases.



Seedless oranges or mandarins                    6

Sugar                                                             200 g

Glucose                                                           35 g

Lemon                                                               1

Water                                                             35 ml


1. Peel and divide the oranges or mandarins into segments. Remove all the pith and place onto a wire to dry the outer surfaces.

2. Heat the sugar, glucose, water and 12 drops of lemon juice together in a saucepan to 155°C. Divide this into two halves and colour one half of the solution pink.

3. Oil a marble slab.

4. Dip the oranges or mandarins segments to half their length in the plain caramel. Drain off any surplus and allow to set then dip the other half in the pink caramel; drain and place on the oiled slab to set then serve in paper petit fours cases.




Genoise sponge                                            600 g

Fondant icing                                                400 g

Butter cream                                                 200 g

Marzipan                                                       200 g

Apricot jam                                                    150 g

Castor sugar                                                 100 g


Confectionery colours


1. Prepare and cook the genoise sponge.

2. When the sponge is cold cut the crust from the top of the sponge with a knife.

3. Flavour and colour the fondant as required.

4. Cut the sponge into two layers of equal thickness, spread one layer with jam and then sandwich the two layers together.

5. Using castor sugar, roll out the marzipan 2 mm thick. Coat the top of the sponge with hot apricot glaze and place the marzipan on top.

6. The sponge can not be cut into a variety of shapes to an overall size of 20 mm.

7. Place these onto a pastry wire, brush the tops with hot apricot glaze and mask with the fondant.

8. When the fondant has set the cakes may be decorated as required.

Note: A wide variety of decoration is appropriate for small fancy cakes some suggested ingredients being:

a. Glace cherries

b. Angelica

c. Crystallised violets or rose petals

d. Marzipan fruits

e. Chocolate run-outs

f. Chocolate line or decorative work

g. Fondant line or decorative work

h. Whole or split roasted nuts




Fondant                                                           400 g

Desiccated coconut                                        200 g

Glycerine                                                         10 ml

Icing sugar                                                      100 g

Glace cherries                                                   5

Wafer paper                                                  2 sheets


1. Mix together the fondant, coconut, glycerine and icing sugar and colour to a pale pink or pale green.

2. Shape into small pyramids and stand on the wafer paper. Put a small round of cherry on the top of each and allow to set.

3. Put each into a petit fours case for service.



Tunis dates                                                    200 g

Marzipan                                                       200 g

Castor sugar or arabic solution                 200 g


1. Colour the marzipan green.

2. Cut the dates length ways and remove the stone.

3. Stuff each date with an oval shaped piece of marzipan a little larger than the stone so that it sits just proud of the date.

4. Mark the marzipan with the back of a knife to form a lattice work pattern.

5. Roll in castor sugar or brush with arabic solution and put in an oven at 160°C for 2 minutes.

6. Serve the dates in petit fours cases.



Fondant                                                          400 g

Glycerine                                                        10 ml

Evaporated milk or single cream 10 ml

Icing sugar




1. Warm the fondant to 50°C and add the evaporated milk, the clycerine and the colouring and flavouring required.

2. Dust the moulds with icing sugar and fill each one with fondant. When the fondant has set turn each one out and decorate with crystallised violets, almonds and dragees etc.



Fondant                                                          400 g

Glycerine                                                        10 ml

Evaporated milk or single cream               10 ml

Icing sugar                                                      200 g

Oil of peppermint                                        6 drops

Green colouring

Silver dragees


1. Warm the fondant to 50°C and add the evaporated milk, glycerine, peppermint oil and green colouring.

2. Add the icing sugar to a pliable paste and allow to cool.

3. Roll out to 5 mm thick and cut into rounds or crescents 25 mm in diameter and allow to set.

4. Decorate for service with chocolate fondant designs, and silver dragees. The peppermint creams may also be partly or fully covered with chocolate.




Sugar                                                                 100 g

Golden syrup                                                   100 g

Butter                                                                100 g

Evaporated milk or single cream               250 ml

Vanilla essence


1. Put the sugar, syrup, butter and evaporated milk into a saucepan and heat slowly until the butter has melted.

2. Continue to heat to soft ball stage 116°C stirring gently then remove from the heat, add the vanilla essence and beat vigorously until close to setting point.

3. Pour into lightly greased trays and when nearly set, cut to the desired portion size.




Pistachio nuts                                                   15 g

Glace cherries                                                  60 g

Chopped almonds                                           50 g

Hazelnuts                                                          50 g

Icing sugar                                                        150 g

Water                                                                50 ml

Glucose or golden syrup                                25 g

Egg                                                                       1

Rice paper                                                     2 sheets

Clear honey                                                     100 g


1. Roughly chop the almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio nuts and lightly colour them underneath a grill. Quarter the cherries.

2. Heat the sugar, glucose and water to 137°C.

3. Heat the honey to 126°C.

4. Separate the white of egg from the yolk, put aside the yolk and whisk the egg white to a stiff peak in a bowl.

5. Slowly add the cooked sugar at 137°C to the egg white followed by the honey at 126°C continuing to whisk vigorously.

6. Stand the mixing bowl in a boiling bain marie and continue to whisk the mixture until it reaches the texture of meringue.

7. Stir in the icing sugar and then add the chopped nuts, and the quartered cherries.

8. Place a sheet of rice paper onto a flat tray, spread the mixture onto the paper to a depth of 20 mm then cover with another sheet of rice paper. Press flat and allow to set overnight.

9. Cut the nougat into 20 mm squares and put into petit fours cases for service.




Cake crumbs                                                50 g

Chocolate                                                      50 g

Sugar                                                              25 g

Rum                                                               10 ml

Apricot glaze                                                 5 ml

Chocolate vermicelli                                    100 g

Confectionery colouring


1. Mix together the cake crumbs, sugar, apricot glaze and rum then add 25 g of melted chocolate and colouring.

2. Divide the mixture into ten equal sized pieces and mould these into balls.

3. Coat them with melted chocolate and then roll them in chocolate vermicelli and place into petit fours cases for service.



Glace cherries 6

Margarine 50 g

Icing sugar 50 g

Egg 1

Flour 50 g

Praline butter cream 300 g


1. Cream together the margarine and sugar add the egg, beating vigorously and then fold in the flour.

2. Grease a baking tray and using a piping bag with a 7 mm plain tube, pipe 20 mm rounds of the mixture onto the tray. Bake these in an oven at 200°C until lightly coloured.

3. While they are still hot remove them from the tray with a palette knife and shape them over the base of a cream horn mould to form a small cornet. When set fill with praline butter cream and place a small round of cherry in the centre.



Ground almonds                                          125 g

Castor sugar                                                  75 g

Eggs                                                                   3

Yellow colouring

Vanilla essence

Nuts, glace cherries and angelica


1. Mix together the castor sugar, almonds, vanilla essence and a little yellow colouring. Separate the egg yolks from the whites and put aside the yolks.

2. Mix the dry mixture with the egg white to form a stiff paste.

3. Grease and flour a baking tray and using a piping bag with a star piping tube, pipe out small stars, whirls and scrolls.

4. Decorate as required and leave in a warm place to form a skin. Then bake in an oven at 220°C to a light golden brown.

5. Dust with icing sugar for service.



Eggs                                                                  2

Castor sugar                                                 100 g

Ground almonds (fine)                                 50 g

Cornflour                                                         5 g

Fine praline butter cream                           150 g

Fine toasted cake crumbs                           150 g

Pink fondant                                                  50 g

Silver dragees                                                 24


1. Mix together the ground almonds and cornflour.

2. Separate the egg yolks from the whites and put aside the yolks. Grease a baking tray and dust it with flour.

3. Whisk the egg whites to a stiff peak then gradually add the sugar whisking vigorously.

4. Fold in the ground almond mixture.

5. Using a piping bag with a medium sized plain tube pipe flat rounds 20 mm diameter onto the baking tray. Cook in an oven at 140C without colouring.

6. When they are cooked remove them from the tray to cool. Mount them together in pairs with praline buttercream, coat them with the lightly toasted crumbs.

7. Pipe a dot of pink fondant onto the top of each embellish with a silver dragee and serve in petit fours cases.



Finely Sifted Ground Almonds                   56 g

Icing Sugar                                                     112 g

Ground Rice                                                  1 tspn

White of Egg (approx)                                   56 g


1. Mix together dry ingredients and white of egg, stand over a saucepan of hot water and give a thorough mixing, heating the mixture to 115°F (note: keep warm whilst working).

2. Dress out onto greaseproof lined baking sheets, using a forcing bag and ¼" plain piping tube, oval shapes ¾" long.

3. Allow to dry out overnight in a warm atmosphere, i.e. 100°F, this is to ensure a high gloss on the biscuit.

4. Score the length of the biscuit with a razor blade, and bake in a moderate over (320°F) to a light brown colour.

5. To remove biscuit from paper, pick up the whole sheet of biscuits and lay on to a damp cloth for a short period, this will have the effect of releasing the biscuit from the paper easily. Now mount 2 biscuits together using a little jam or fondant.

6. Place each into a glacine petits fours paper case for service.



Ground Almonds                                         112 g

Castor Sugar                                                112 g

Granulated Sugar                                        112 g

Ground Rice                                                 14 g

Egg Whites                                                    2-3

Rice Paper                                                    2 sheets

Fondant                                                         112 g

Walnut halves


1. Mix together dry ingredients, add egg white and give a thorough beating.

2. Line a baking tray with rice paper and using a forcing bag and a ¼" diameter plain tube dress out ¾" diameter diameter rounds. Mixture must be fairly stiff. In the centre of each round put an almond or half walnut.

3. Bake in a moderate oven (320°F) until cooked.

4. When cold, stick 2 together with soft fondant.

5. Put into paper case ready for service.



Margarine                                                     56 g

Castor Sugar                                                56 g

Egg White                                                     42 g

Flour                                                              63 g

Chocolate coverture


1. Cream margarine and sugar together until mixture is very light, add egg white slowly, then blend in flour.

2. Grease and flour baking trays, dress out mixture using a forcing bag and ¼" diameter plain tube into 2" lengths; bake in medium oven (400°F).

3. When cold, remove from trays and write marquis on each biscuit using chocolate coverture.




Ground almonds                                          100 g

Castor sugar                                                 100 g

Ground rice                                                   5 g

Eggs                                                                  2


1. Separate the egg yolks from the whites and put aside the yolks.

2. Mix together the dry ingredients and add sufficient of the egg whites to produce a firm paste.

3. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and with a piping bag and either a star or plain tube pipe out fancy shapes and decorate them with glace cherries and angelica. Leave to dry overnight.

4. Bake them in an oven at 180°C to a golden brown. Remove them from the oven and brush them with gum arabic solution then return them to the oven for 2 minutes to set the glaze.

5. Remove the biscuits from the greaseproof paper with a palette knife and a damp cloth. Allow them to cool and serve them in petit fours cases.