The Kitchen Bible 


I built this webpage to provide a single point of reference in all things food in recent years there has been a huge growth in the interest of food and cooking. It seems that almost every person you meet today are notable food critics, having opinions of what constitutes good food.

I am confident that my webpage will provide an invaluable source of information for Catering Students or the budding Amateur Master Chef.

I have researched hard and long to source a wide range of culinary science to help you achieve a successful career in the art of food production and service excellence.
For me it all started with the Army Catering Corps in which I served and fell in love with the Art of all things Food. 

It is a true form of art, just take the common chicken egg, and try to count all the recipes it is, or could be used, the word infinity would apply, the possibilities with food are endless.

In fact the first food I ever cooked while training in the Officers Mess of The Royal Artillery, prior to my transfer to the Army Catering Corps was Oeuf Sur Le Plat, Egg cooked on a plate, I was trained by the best Chef I've ever met SSgt Taffy Pride, for 6 month he trained me before I went to the Army School of Catering.

I was quietly surprised that in every part of the syllabus, I not only new, but was very efficient at all the recipes in the preparation, cooking and presenting the finished dishes. Within 5 years I was at the Catering School teaching the Culinary Arts.

Paul Baldry (Master Chef)