The Art of Pasta


The Art of Pasta

Today is given to the art of pasta, I have created a Pasta page which i shall be publishing by the end of today,

Lets Start with a little history.

Records of the origins of pasta can be found from the second millennium. A popular legend claims Marco Polo introduced pasta to Italy following his exploration of the Far East in the late 13th century, in which pasta has been misinterpreted to have arrived from China. In the latter part of the 13th century, there is a mention of a basket of macaroni owned by a soldier. Going even further back, to the 4th century BC, there has been an argument that a tomb has similarities to the pasta-making equipment, deducing that the Italian savoury was relished in the pre-Roman days. Others counter and say pasta was a result of the Mediterranean trading in the middle ages.

Pasta can seem very daunting and difficult to master its actually quite an easy art, once you've mastered your doughs and mastered rolling your dough to the correct thickness for the shapes and dishes you are going to produce. 

Then it all comes down your imagination, as a younger Chef in the Army we didn't have fancy Pasta cutters or machines to make and roll Pasta Doughs it was all done by hand. I learned to make every shape you will see in the videos on my... The Art of Pasta Page, using a knife, fancy and plain pastry cutters and wooden skewers of different sizes. I made Pasta Ridged Gnocchi Boards and Garganelli Pasta Rods.

My Gnocchi Boards consisted of 10 wooden skewers or cocktail sticks laid side by side taped to the table top, I was able to achieve perfect grooving on my Pasta. It just needed a little imagination. I had many hours of fun making all sorts of shapes to cook and combine with my sauces.

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